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Caren J. Gafni - Artist 



Art to me is not just a vehicle for beauty, but also fills me with a sense of excitement and wonder when I discover new and challenging possibilities. As a painter, ceramicist, crocheter, and table maker, I have been interested in art since an early age. I grew up watching my grandmother crochet doilies. My mother wrote poetry and my father was a furniture designer. Yet I discovered the artist in myself mid-life.

I am drawn towards learning new techniques as well as using a wide variety of art media. After extensive travel and experimentation, I have grown to appreciate and learn diverse art styles and perspectives. I have developed a strong passion for painting, particularly in watercolor and acrylics. I love to travel and explore the world through art- whether it be through seeing the art of other cultures or experimenting with new techniques on my own.


National Watercolor Society

Women Painters West


Solo   (selection)

Brentwood Library, Brentwood, CA

Center for Physical Health, West Los Angeles, CA

Group    (selection)

San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center, Tarzana, CA

Encino Terrace Lobby, Encino, CA

Los Angeles Psychological Association, Los Angeles, CA

Brentwood Art Center, Brentwood, CA

Schoenberg Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA



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